(very bad; terrible: What abominable weather!) abominable

abominable adjetivo abominable
abominable adjetivo abominable: el abominable hombre de las nieves, the Abominable Snowman
su concepto de las mujeres es absolutamente abominable, he has an absolutely abominable concept of women 'abominable' also found in these entries: Spanish: execrable - nefanda - nefando English: abominable - hideous
1 abominable (terrible) terrible, horrible
the Abominable Snowman el Yeti
abominable [ə'bɑmənəbəl] adj
detestable: abominable, aborrecible, espantoso
abominable adj.
detestable adj.
execrable adj.
inmundo, -a adj.
nefando, -a adj.
ə'bɑːmənəbəl, ə'bɒmɪnəbəl
a) (horrible) <deed> abominable
b) (awful) (colloq) <weather/food> espantoso, terrible
ADJ abominable, detestable; [taste, workmanship] detestable, pésimo

the abominable snowman N — el abominable hombre de las nieves

* * *
[ə'bɑːmənəbəl, ə'bɒmɪnəbəl]
a) (horrible) <deed> abominable
b) (awful) (colloq) <weather/food> espantoso, terrible

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